From con­sul­ting to ope­ra­ti­on —  we are hap­py to be at your side.

Engi­nee­ring and con­sul­ting

We sup­port you in all sta­ges of your solar ener­gy plant: from the first draft to the desi­gning pro­cess to the exe­cu­ti­on and ope­ra­ti­on.

A pho­to­vol­taic sys­tem should be ade­qua­te­ly engi­nee­red in terms of ener­gy yield, safe­ty, relia­bi­li­ty and aes­the­tics. Addi­tio­nal­ly, the sys­tem must be built with long­term reli­able mate­ri­als and com­pon­ents to ensu­re a life and ope­ra­ti­on time of more than 30 years accord­ing expe­ri­ence.

Solar-wind hybrid power sys­tem

Hybrid solar-wind sys­tems are a simp­le and reli­able ener­gy sup­ply solu­ti­on for win­dy and remo­te loca­ti­ons. We deve­lop hybrid ener­gy solu­ti­ons — for grid and off-grid ope­ra­ti­on — which are opti­mi­zed for win­ter power pro­duc­tion.

Tech­ni­cal manage­ment of ope­ra­ti­on

A com­pe­tent moni­to­ring of a solar plant inclu­des the con­trol of its con­di­ti­on as well as its yield and also the manage­ment of the roof gree­ning or plant area envi­ron­ment in free moun­ted sys­tems.


  • Tech­ni­cal due dili­gence
  • Fea­si­bi­li­ty stu­dies
  • Expert stu­dies
  • Qua­li­ty assuran­ce
  • Site accep­tan­ce tests

Intel­li­gent ener­gy sys­tems

We crea­te ener­gy manage­ment solu­ti­ons for the moni­to­ring and inte­gra­ti­on of sys­tems and devices — such as PV sys­tems, ener­gy sto­rage, heat pumps, e‑charging sta­ti­ons, etc. — and for load manage­ment (e.g. reduc­tion of peak loads).