From con­sul­ting to ope­ra­ti­on —  we are hap­py to be at your side.

Sin­ce 1988 we have worked for muni­ci­pa­li­ties, indus­tri­al and tra­de com­pa­nies as well as pro­per­ty owners and buil­ding coope­ra­ti­ves and we have assis­ted our cli­ents in all ques­ti­ons rela­ted to sus­tainab­le ener­gy supply.

Pho­to­vol­taic and hybrid power systems

Our pho­to­vol­taic sys­tems are gea­red to the object in an ener­ge­tic, aes­the­tic and safe­ty-rela­ted way. Addi­tio­nal­ly, they are opti­mi­sed to per­for­mance and built with appro­ved mate­ri­al, secu­ring long-term reli­able service.

For remo­te pla­ces and/or win­dy are­as hybrid solar-wind sys­tems offer an easy and reli­able ener­gy sup­ply solu­ti­on. We offer hybrid ener­gy solu­ti­ons for off-the-grid and grid ser­vices, opti­mi­sed also for win­ter ener­gy production.

Ener­gy con­cepts and fea­si­bi­li­ty studies

Are you tap­ping into the full poten­ti­al of your ener­gy sys­tem? Or do you need a new sys­tem? We deve­lop cus­to­mi­sed ener­gy con­cepts for your object or your sys­tem. Our focus lies on pho­to­vol­taic sys­tems, ener­gy sto­rage and ener­gy sys­tems for your own con­sump­ti­on that will hold up in the future and that are opti­mi­sed to your location.

Tech­ni­cal manage­ment of operation

A com­pe­tent tech­ni­cal manage­ment of ope­ra­ti­on inclu­des the con­trol of the system’s con­di­ti­on and per­for­mance as well as the use of your roof or area. Important are things like the con­di­ti­on, safe­ty, roof gree­ning, usa­ge by others or ground cor­ro­si­on in free moun­ted systems.

Intel­li­gent ener­gy systems

Incre­a­sing the ener­gy effi­ci­en­cy is a prio­ri­ty to us. We advi­se you com­pet­ent­ly and put tog­e­ther ener­gy manage­ment solu­ti­ons for the moni­to­ring and the inte­gra­ti­on of sys­tems and devices, such as pho­to­vol­taic sys­tems, ener­gy sto­rage, heat pumps, e‑loading sta­ti­ons, the reduc­tion of load peaks and more.

Spe­cial pro­jects and innovations

Sol­ving com­plex tasks sim­ply and aes­the­ti­cal­ly is our spe­cia­li­ty. Examp­le: a “tim­ber” bal­co­ny sup­plies solar power!

Expert stu­dies and qua­li­ty assurance

From the surveyor’s report for your insuran­ce to the tes­ting of your sys­tem we sup­port you with our expertise.


Safe­ty at work is a necessa­ry con­di­ti­on when doing any kind of jobs with pho­to­vol­taic sys­tems. Amena AG is a cer­ti­fied part­ner of Inno­tech (pla­ning of safe­ty mea­su­res). The­re­fo­re, the plan­ning for your PV-sys­tems and the secu­ring of safe­ty come from one hand.