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ABZ sett­le­ment Bal­ber­stras­se

PV-sys­tem with 565 kWp
Years of con­struc­tion 2015/2016
Nor­man Fos­ter Award (Swiss Solar Award

ABZ sett­le­ment Ent­lis­berg 2

PV-sys­tem with 522 kWp
Years of con­struc­tion 2018/2019

Ener­gy manage­ment of apart­ment buil­ding

Set-up and ope­ra­tio­nal sup­port of ener­gy data collec­tion sys­tems (inclu­ding con­sump­ti­on con­trol and moni­to­ring)
Refe­ren­ces are avail­ab­le on request

Impres­si­ons from exper­ti­se activi­ties

Refe­ren­ces are avail­ab­le on request

Sto­rage sys­tem for fami­ly home

Year of con­struc­tion 2018
Mains and emer­gen­cy power sys­tem with bat­te­ry sto­rage

Tages-Anzei­ger “Rota”

PV-sys­tem with 88 kWp and 31.5 kWp
Year of con­struc­tion 1998 and 2004